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Supercran Sac. (PE) CP 10's

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Supercran 36mg sachet contains CranBerry extract. Supercran 36mg sachet is useful in the treatment of Urinary Tract Infections. Cranberry has been used for the treatment and prophylaxis of urinary tract infections. According to the research it works by preventing bacterial adherence to host cell surface membranes. Cranberries contain compounds known as proanthocyanidins, which prevent E. coli bacteria from attaching to the lining of your urethra and bladder. Supercran 36mg sachet belongs to HERBAL PRODUCTS category. Buy Supercran 36mg sachet from at the lowest price with free home delivery.


USES: Supercran 36mg sachet is used in the treatment of Urinary Tract Infections. Supercran 36mg sachet act as urinary deodorizer and reduces the smell of urine in people who are having the problem of urine incontinence.


SIDE EFFECTS: Supercran 36mg sachet causes side effects like Diarrhea, stomach upset. On high doses Supercran 36mg sachet can cause kidney stones. Supercran 36mg sachet may also increase risk of cancer oxalate uroliths in predisposed patients.



PRECAUTION: Supercran 36mg sachet should be cautiously used in condition of hypochlorhydria. Use Supercran 36mg sachet with special care in patients with Liver problems, Ulcer or Colitis.


WHEN NOT TO USE: Do not use Supercran 36mg sachet in patients having a history of kidney stones. Do not take Supercran 36mg sachet if you are allergic to cranberry. Do not use Supercran 36mg sachet in pregnant women and in lactation.



INTERACTION: Supercran 36mg sachet can interact with drugs like Anticoagulants i.e Warfarin.

DOSE: Take Supercran 36mg sachet as directed by doctor. Do not overdose Supercran 36mg sachet.



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